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Conference Speakers


Shaniece Miller

Shaniece Miller serves as the Associate Director of  Graduate Recruitment and Admissions at the University of North Texas at Dallas. Shaniece has over 10 years as a higher education professional in the areas of recruitment and student services and professional development.  A proud graduate of Tarleton State University, Shaniece received her bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2010 and a Master’s degree in Higher Education from Angelo State University in 2012 and is currently pursuing her Doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership and Policy. A self-published author, motivational speaker, and podcast host, Shaniece believes in and uses her platforms to pour out purpose and empowers everyone with to become who God has called them to be!  

Nikki Wright


Toni Williams

Toni Williams is married to Barry Williams. She is a mother of five children, but only has two biological children, with four grandchildren.  Toni is an Ordained Evangelist and a member of the Church of a Purpose Deliverance and Holiness Ministry.

She is the Accounting Supervisor for Furniture Marketing Group, where she has been employed for the past 27 years.  I have a non-profit organization called Girl Talk and I enjoy dancing and reading.

Shelly Glasgow

Shelly Glasgow is an accomplished daughter of our most high God and Father. She is a devoted wife, mother, sister, and friend.

As a driven and determined businesswoman, Shelly got her professional start specializing in caring for others as a Practice Coordinator in a high-end cosmetic surgery center in Atlanta, GA. While working in the beauty industry in Atlanta, she discovered her true heart’s passion for caring for and supporting women when they were, at times, feeling their most vulnerable. Anyone who had the pleasure of engaging with Shelly would tell you that she takes great pride in providing the best possible service and shares her heart without apprehension. She is true to her calling to serve as a beacon of light and a catalyst for discovery.


Shelly has been a noteworthy leader in the Client Services industry for over 15 years and this dedication has led her on a path of true service to her community and specifically, to her Sisters. She does not meet a stranger. Her warmth and open heart are evident upon initial engagement with her. To be in Shelly’s orbit is to be embraced by her love and generous heart.

This path served her well and prompted her to launch her own brand…LIOM, THE LIGHT INSIDE OF ME.

Shelly has a passion for helping women find their inner beauty…which, inevitably, enhances our natural, outer beauty. She is drawn to women that are hurting…healing…seeking validation, and their true identity through God. She is truly navigating a path to seek and serve those who need her most. Shelly believes we can all be what we desire most and we can all be empowered by discovering and embracing our relationship with God. She knows God is our pathway to salvation and elevation…and she shares this openly. Shelly discovered her true path as a young single mother seeking validation in relationships that did not serve her best interests or her generous heart. Not until she discovered that her true salvation only rested with God and NOT man, did she reveal her true heart’s passion. Shelly is here now to testify, witness, and serve as a catalyst to your own elevation.

Brenda Spencer.jepg

Brenda Spencer

Evelyn Coleman

Evelyn Coleman serves on the board for Baylor Scott & White, the hospital in Waxahachie, and she’s on the board of trustees for the Nicholas P. Sims Library.

She has also long been very involved at Greater Community First Baptist Church in Dallas. She is a spirit-led Sunday School teacher who teaches the Word of God by the Spirit of God with clarity and conviction.

On August 22, 2018, Coleman Junior High School opened it's doors and is named in her honor.

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